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It Is Never Too Late
Never too late! Those words were ringing in my ears as I sat staring at the ministry website January 4, 2017. It had been a tough three and a half years and many tears later I would still feel the scars of hurt deep down in my very soul! Yet it seemed God was saying," itís time to move on Joyce! There is nothing that lies behind you in yesterdayís world that I cannot repair with My tender love and loving arms. Trust Me to make all things right. Give me all the scars and hurts and I will turn your sad days into glad days, itís never too late! You can blossom again, even after walking through a dry, hot desert of hurt and disappointment, itís never too late! Take my hand and I will lead you beside the still waters of peace beyond manís understanding. I will carry you in My bosom protected from those things that can harm you. Come My child walk with Me, talk with Me, rest in Me! I will be your strength when you are weak, I will be your voice when you canít speak and I will walk before you protecting you along the paths of uncertainty. I Am the I Am of your life, I Am trustworthy, believe in Me, trust Me, walk with Me into tomorrowís world of blessings and dreams. I am waiting with outreached arms of LOVE, it is never too late!"

Like myself, many of you may have experienced some tough times in the last few years. You may have become paralyzed in your relationship with God and others by hurts and disappointments. God is saying; It is never too late, I am waiting with outreached arms of love and a healing touch for you! Take heart my child, "IT IS NEVER TOO LATE".