Joyce and George Turner are the Founders of Radiant SonRise Ministry which was established in April 1999. Joyce has a call and the driving force of the Holy Spirit burning in her heart with a fire of desire to call believers to rekindle their fire for God, His Word and His work.

 Her passion to reach all people, whether they are at her front door or around the world with the love of God, is burning deep within her soul. She has been called to minister to a field of “Broken Pieces”, to tell them God loves them, and that He is in the repair business. Joyce's call to evangelize came in the Spring of 1996 as she was praying and seeking God’s guidance for her life. After many nights and days of praying and giving God all types of excuses why she couldn’t do what He had called her to do, she surrendered her life and calling to an unchanging God. It was then she knew in her heart that God was saying, “Answer My call to preach the gospel to the world.”

She has conducted services, taught in her local church and evangelized throughout the United States and Africa. Joyce has also served at her local church as Lay Leader, SPR (Staff Parish Relations), NOW (nourish, outreach, witness) Committee, Jethro Committee (visionary committee for the church), Small Group Committee, and started teaching Bible Study Classes in the Faith Life University Department of her local church in 1994. Joyce also has a twelve year certification in the United Methodist Church as a Lay Speaker. In 2009 Joyce was Lay Leader of the year. Joyce is an ordained minister under Bishop Richard A. Copeland of Orangeburg, South Carolina and was awarded her Doctor Of Divinity from The Williams-Clemon-Davis Bible Institute.

 Joyce is a revivalist who flows in the healing anointing of God's power. While she was ministering in Africa some saw a ring of fire surrounding her as she walked in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. After returning from Africa in 2006 Joyce was referred to as the ‘Fire Starter’ in her circle of friends in the Christian community. Humbly, Joyce steps into the gifting of the Holy Spirit as the ‘Great I Am’ who dwells in her demonstrating His power, with signs of breaking strongholds and setting many free. Joyce and George are chasers of God’s presence…seekers of Him in the secret places of the Most High. Their desire is to see those who attend the meetings leave, filled with God’s fire; feeling refreshed by the Holy Spirit, alive in Jesus, and transformed by the power of God’s love. They have a charity called Operation Hand Up which has placed over 6,000 filled book bags into the hands of disadvantaged children in the US and Nigeria, Africa. Africa is in their hearts like a burning flame of fire for His glory. They love the land of Africa and the people. Joyce is also a published writer who uses her gifts to bring healing to a hurting world.
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