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Capital is the fuel that powers the business economy. But acquiring it can be challenging.
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Small- and medium-sized businesses are responsible for more than two-thirds of all jobs worldwide.
Therefore, we believe small businesses do not just contribute to the economy — they are the economy.
So, we’ve made it our mission to support entrepreneurs with the tools, business insights
and resources they need to put their ideas into practice.

Our Team


Rhianna DeAngelo

Rhianna DeAngelo

HR Operations Manager

As Fast Capital 360’s HR operations manager, Rhianna DeAngelo helps connect people and information across the organization. When it comes to individuals and businesses, there’s always something new to learn, and that’s what Rhianna enjoys most about her position. Outside of work, she’s a self-proclaimed nerd who loves painting, sculpting and spending time with her husband and pets.

Barry Weidner

Operations Manager

A true Renaissance man, Barry is the company’s administrative generalist supporting the team. Prior to working with Fast Capital 360, Barry co-owned a wholesale housewares business with his wife of 50 years and worked with mainframe computers the size of bedrooms in the ‘60s and ‘70s. He’s also a combat veteran, having served in Vietnam. He’s a proud grandfather to 7 children, ranging in age from 2 to almost 18, and 3 adult children. Fun fact about Barry: he’s a fan of open wheel auto racing and has been to the Indy 500 several times, even raced cars himself in the ‘50s.

Barbara Weidner

Chief Executive Officer

Barb is the co-founder and CEO of Fast Capital 360. Prior to entering the FinTech space, Barb was the chief credit officer for a mid-sized mortgage bank based in NY. She is passionate about simplifying the lives of small business owners and empowering them with the resources they need to thrive. Outside of work, Barb enjoys spending time with her two daughters and husband and giving back to the community.

Amber Thomas

Funding Administrator

As a funding administrator, Amber’s all about going the extra mile for clients and assisting the sales team as needed. She reviews applicant qualifications, coordinates with underwriting and clients to ensure all documents are received, manages contracts and keeps the lines of communication flowing along the way. In her spare time, she hits the trails with her husband and pup, spends quality time with family and enjoys yoga, cooking and hosting.

Justin Lesko

Head Funding Administrator

Justin handles loan underwriting and operates as an intermediary between clients and lending partners. When he’s not working as our head funding administrator, he’s busy being “Daddy” to daughter Nora. He also enjoys playing hockey and practicing and training students on the art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.


Ryan Hales

Technical Associate

Ryan is Fast Capital 360’s technical associate. When he’s not helping staff technical issues and tinkering with technology, he enjoys creating video content, playing video games and watching hockey. Little known fact about Ryan: he’s an Eagle Scout.

Siva Magapu

Salesforce Developer

Siva is our resident 6x Certified Salesforce architect and consultant with a demonstrated history of success in the information technology and services industry. He’s also skilled in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Apex, Visualforce, Web services, SOAP/REST APIs, integrations and customer relationship management (CRM). When Siva’s ready to call it a day, he enjoys cooking and traveling.


Joel Combs, Business Advisor

Joel Combs

Business Advisor

Joel has worked in the financial industry for more than 10 years. What he loves most about his position at Fast Capital 360 is knowing that his efforts help entrepreneurs accomplish their financial goals. When he’s not busy funding small business owners, Joel enjoys spending time with his family, camping and exploring the great outdoors. He’s also an obsessive Jacksonville Jaguars fan, for better or for worse.

Nadalia Lteif, Business Advisor

Nadalia Lteif

Business Advisor

Over the past several years, Nadalia has cultivated her industry skills with notable Inc. 5000 companies. She is enthusiastic about helping business owners reach their goals and attain financial freedom. Outside of work, Nadalia enjoys spending time with her kids and listening to music.

Anthony Avery, Business Advisor

Anthony Avery

Business Advisor

Growing up around business owners (and having been one himself), Anthony has a passion for helping entrepreneurs realize their version of the American dream. Throughout his career, he has worked to support the funding needs of more than 100 businesses and looks forward to assisting more in the future. In his free time, Anthony loves relaxing with his fiancé and their fur babies as well as playing basketball.

Jonathan Robertson

Jonathan Robertson

Business Advisor

Jon knows how challenging it can be to start and run a small business, so he loves to help small business owners get access to the capital they need to realize the fulfillment of their professional dreams. When not at work, Jon loves to read, learn random facts about history and spend time with his family.

Taylor Carlson, Business Advisor

Taylor Carlson

Business Advisor

As a people person, Taylor enjoys building lasting relationships with his clients. He aims to understand the unique needs of his accounts to identify the right funding opportunity for each business. When he’s not helping entrepreneurs acquire capital, Taylor enjoys skiing and other outdoor activities.

Alex Arroyo, Business Advisor

Alex Arroyo

Business Advisor

A Business Advisor, Alex loves helping his clients grow by helping them acquire the working capital they need to improve and expand their businesses. Outside of work, he enjoys being outdoors — hiking, camping, mountain climbing, you name it. Alex also enjoys video editing and working on computers.

Jeff Lesko

Business Advisor

Ask Jeff what he loves most about his work, and he’ll tell you his clients. He’s a natural relationship builder, working closely with his accounts to solve problems and uncover needs. For fun, he plays hockey, football and video games. But what he loves most is spending time with his wife, daughter and pets.

Mark Lauer

Business Advisor

Mark Lauer has been a Business Advisor at Fast Capital 360 since the very beginning. He’s helped thousands of businesses reach their potential, grow and thrive, forging strong relationships along the way. In his free time, Mark enjoys jamming on the guitar with his band, Stems and Seeds. Interesting fact: he comes from a long line of musicians, including his grandfather, a famous cellist.

Ryan Hollingsworth

Business Advisor

As a Fast Capital 360 Business Advisor, Ryan has helped hundreds of business owners find the right funding solutions to grow and succeed. In his free time, Ryan golfs, attends Eagles games and spends time with his two boys.

Eric Ortlieb

Business Advisor

Eric Ortlieb has been a Business Advisor with Fast Capital 360 from the start and has helped thousands of small businesses grow with creative, fast and flexible funding options. His focus is on helping business owners achieve healthy returns on investments, improve profit margins and grow their revenue. Outside of work, Eric enjoys the beach, playing guitar and traveling. He also likes playing and watching hockey and volunteers teaching inner-city kids how to play ice hockey.

Ryan Stoops

Sales Team Lead

Honesty, accountability and good energy are what Ryan’s all about. He’s known for getting to the bottom of his clients’ needs and proposing the right financing solutions for them. Outside of work, Ryan dominates ping pong tables, spends time with his wife and roots for his favorite sports teams.


Sophie Vakalis

Senior Designer

Sophie excels at creating engaging visuals that complement our content. Just head to our blog section and take a look. Her work speaks for itself. She’s also the epitome of a team player, whether she’s collaborating with fellow designers, programmers or writers. When she’s not churning out designs, she’s traveling, exploring trails or working on her cooking skills.

Erin Ryan

Senior Writer, Editor and Social Community Manager

A prolific and versatile writer and editor, Erin crafts Fast Capital 360’s blog posts, guides, emails, social media copy and website content. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, yoga and riding around on her rusty but reliable beach cruiser, Old Faithful.

Roie Raitses

Founder, CMO

Roie is the Founder and CMO of Fast Capital 360. His passion for small businesses developed in his previous role as the vice president of a wealth management firm. That’s where Roie’s mission was born: to create a simpler, easier method for business owners to find the resources they need to grow. In his free time, Roie enjoys mountain biking and spending time with his wife and two daughters.

Elise Moores

Director of Content

Elise is the director of content at Fast Capital 360, reporting on all things small business. She distills complex topics into consumable bites of information to help business owners make better decisions. Little known fact about Elise: She minored in art, and when she’s not busy being a mom, she enjoys painting and drawing.

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