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Graphic of scissors cutting up a dollar bill and the words “free up capital” next to it

How to Pay Off Business Credit Card Debt (Once and For All)

When you’re wondering how to pay off business credit card debt, here are 7 strategies you can use.

Two hands outstretched, one below two credit cards, another below a document with a dollar sign on it

What’s the Difference Between a Business Line of Credit vs. a Business Credit Card?

What are the pros and cons of a business line of credit vs. a business credit card (and when should you use one over the other)? Get the answers.

UCC filing on a clipboard

What Are UCC Filings (and How Do They Affect a Business’s Credit Score)?

UCC filings lay claim to assets until a debt is paid. Having one doesn’t affect your credit score, but it could impact your chances of approval.

Revolving Credit: How It Works and How It Can Be Used in Small Business Lending

A line of revolving credit can help you access the capital you need for your business more flexibly. Here’s how it works.

Blue background with storefront door and awning with a moving speedometer graphic above and the words “Business Credit Scores”

Business Credit Scores: Ranges, Factors and Everything Else You Need to Know

Your business credit score is important. The higher, the better. But what constitutes “good?” We’ve compiled everything you need to know about credit score ratings and what they mean for your business.

How much can my business qualify for?
$0 $1 mil
see my options
Debt balancing with income

How the Debt-to-Income Ratio Affects Financial Health (and Funding Options)

If you want to get a business loan, your debt ratio is an important consideration. Learn about calculating DTI, ideal debt to income ratio, and how to secure the best business loan options.

Capital, Collateral, Character, Conditions, and Capacity text on pillars

The 5 C’s of Credit: Why They Matter for Business Financing

When underwriters and creditors consider your loan or credit application, they take several factors into account, including the 5 C’s of credit, which refer to capital, collateral, character, conditions and capacity.  Let’s learn more about each of the 5 C’s to help you secure the funding your business needs to reach its goals. What Are […]

Business credit card as a shop front

Best Business Credit Cards With No Credit History Requirements

Whether you’re launching a new business or looking for financing for your established company, acquiring capital can be a real challenge when you have no business credit history. If your business is strapped for cash, obtaining a business credit card might be your best option. Even without any credit history to your business’s name, it’s […]

One hand holds out a payment processing device while a hand from the opposite direction prepares to swipe a credit card. Meanwhile, a third hand, open-palmed as if expecting payment, extends to the hand holding the device.

Payment Processing Fees: A Guide for Small Businesses

For every transaction, businesses pay a fee to processing providers. The fees may be unavoidable, but they can add up quickly. Let’s examine payment processing fees, the average processing fees for various forms of payment, and offer a few strategies on how to lower your payment processing fees.

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