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Three people seated around a table working on computers

8 Simple Ways Small Businesses Can Increase Their Sales

When you’re wondering how to increase sales for your small business, you don’t need complex, costly marketing ideas. Here are 8 simple strategies you can start implementing today.

On a computer screen, a website labeled “Blog” features a thumbs-up emoji and a thumbs-down emoji.

Blog Best Practices: Follow These 11 Do’s and Don’ts

These 11 blog best practices will grow your audience, authority and revenue. Start creating more effective content today.

A bullhorn loudly emits the acronym “HARO.”

Hello, HARO: What It Is and How to Tap Expertise Straight From the Experts

What is Help a Reporter Out (HARO), and how can you use it? Learn how to harness HARO and connect with experts (or share your expertise).

A blog article gets sucked into a repurposing machine and emerges as an ebook.

What Is Repurposing Content? Best Practices for the Best Results

What is repurposing content and why should you bother? It’s less work and results in increased traffic and leads. Here’s how to do it right.

A small shop fies a big flag with the Pinterest logo.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy: 10 Top Tips to Use It for Your Business

Some 80% of people are already shopping on Pinterest. Here are 10 tips on creating an effective Pinterest marketing strategy for your business.

Grow your business with the perfect loan get approved
Grow your business with funding from Fast Capital 360
An astonished person holds a smartphone that is emitting text balloons featuring thumbs down and an angry face emoji.

Understanding Social Media Harassment: How to Best Handle It

Understanding social media harassment is vital to protecting your brand and employees. Here are 6 tips to combat it.

The words “Business Power Words” emerge, looking powerful.

Boost Conversions With These 50 Business Power Words (Plus Examples)

Use these 50 top business power words to drive more conversions. Learn how to use emotional marketing and storytelling to your advantage.

Two hands hold a cellphone and type the words “Text Marketing Strategy” in a text message.

Text Marketing Strategy: How Does It Work — and Is It Effective?

About 54% of your customers want to text you. Really. Haven’t tried a text marketing strategy yet? Here’s why you need to and how to get started.

The screen of a laptop reads “Cyber Monday.”

12 Easy Small Business Cyber Monday Ideas to Bolster Sales

Here are the best 12 small business Cyber Monday ideas to boost sales that anyone can do, even at the last minute.

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